Bella Piercing

159 N High St, Gahanna Ohio 43230

Female Owned & Operated

Closed on 17th, 24th, 31st December & 7th Jan 2023

Two Piercers available for quick piercing and easy Piercing

Special Piercing Packages!

Here at The Bella Piercing our focus lies in creating the most comfortable environment possible for customers. Each part of this service has been carefully designed with your wellbeing in mind. We employ talented, highly trained staff to guide you through your experience and help you feel perfectly at ease.

Diamond Packages - $175.00

Baby Bella

  • Lobe piercing plus upgraded jewelry up to $25
  • Get to pierce Baby Bella before your piercing and get an extra pair of earrings
  • Goodie Grab Bag
  • Birthday Sash, First Piercing Sash, or T-shirt
  • Certificate of Bravery
  • Piercing Insurance
  • Upgraded Aftercare (Steri-wash)
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Recommended for Ages 2-12


  • 3 Piercings with upgraded jewelry up to $25
  • Bella Piercing T-shirt
  • Piercing Insurance
  • Upgraded Aftercare (Steriwash)
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Recommended for Ages 13 and up

Platinum Packages - $145.00

Bella Brave

  • Lobe piercing plus upgraded jewelry up to $25
  • Bella Piercing Bib, or T-shirt
  • Bella Bear
  • Certificate of Bravery
  • Piercing Insurance
  • Upgraded Aftercare (Steri-wash)
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Recommended for Ages 0-12 years


  • Any single piercing or lobes plus upgraded jewelry up to $25
  • T-shirt
  • Piercing Insurance
  • Upgraded Aftercare (Steri-wash)
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Recommended for 13 and up

Bella’s Promise

Bella Piercing offers a safe, clean, and sterile environment. We specialize in children’s ear piercings and ear curation with a selection of different jewelry to choose from!

Our goal is to make your piercing experience the best it can be, and for every customer to love their new piercings! Consultations are always free!



Let your piercing obsession begin in our studio in here in Columbus, Ohio. We totally understand that getting any service in a store can be intimidating (and a little scary) but one of our trained & trusted team are here to help with any of your questions - you're in safe hands with us!


We start with a quick consultation to make sure you're a good candidate for your requested piercing then fill out the necessary paperwork! Afterwards you pick out your jewelry, we cleanse the skin, and mark the spot where the piercing is going to be! We make sure you approve the location before we pierce. Your appointment will take 20-30 minutes, but your piercing will only takes a few seconds!


All of our piercings includes basic implant jewelry which is made with surgical stainless steel. If you so choose, we have upgraded implant jewelry for an additional cost. We have a variety of different styled jewelry for healed piercings as well. It is okay for a professional to change your jewelry after 4-6 weeks. Should you ever need help changing jewelry, please call us and we’ll be glad to help!

Infant & Children Piercings

It is fun and exciting to have your ears pierced! We put a high importance on the comfort of our clients whether they are young or old. Your child will need to be able to sit very still for their safety and the safety of the piercer. If a child is resisting or appears very distressed, we will refuse to proceed with the piercing.

Please read our guidelines before booking:

  • Please fill out Waiver form before coming to your appointment
  • Need a government issued ID
  • MINORS: must have a birth certificate and parent on birth certificate must be present of have legal documentation of guardianship - NO EXCEPTIONS
  • No outside jewelry - we use only are jewelry for Initial Piercing, if you would like assistant in a change out please schedule and know that piercing must be fully healed
  • You will be charged a fee if you do not show up to your appointment, cancel within 12 hours of appointment time, are more than 10 minutes late to the appointment, or have booked the appointment inaccurately.
  • Piercing service fee does include Implant Jewelry

Maximum Number Of Piercings Per Appointment, By Age:

  • 15 Yrs & Under: Maximum one piercing per appointment or one pair of Ear Lobes.
  • 16 - 17 Yrs: Maximum of three piercings per appointment, any service specified as "pair” counts as two piercings.
  • For adults 18 Yrs & Over: Please do not book more than three piercings total per appointment, paired piercings count as two (only exception - two sets of Lobe Piercings).
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Do You Have A Piercing Bump?

NoPull Piercing Disc® were initially designed to protect new or sensitive piercings from jewelry backings by providing a comfortable cushion of soft, medical-grade silicone.

We discovered that the Disc was consistently helping to heal hypertrophic scarring; the common and very stubborn “Piercing Bump”, that can develop in a new piercing, or even long-healed piercings!

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Bella Reviews

Kate Sessay
Kate Sessay
I had my daughter's ear pierced by Frankie and she was very nice and sweet! She explained helpful things about what to expect, aftercare, and how to keep the piercing from getting caught when sleeping. The process was quick and simple, and the cashier was friendly as well. I recommend this place to anyone and I appreciate her service.
Me and my two daughters, 6&7 years old, had an amazing experience. They were so kind and very knowledgeable and explained everything very well. Definitely recommend and will come back for any more piercings!!
Elizabeth Sheridan
Elizabeth Sheridan
Very professional piercer. My daughter and I both had a good experience.
Angela Luttrull
Angela Luttrull
Very caring, professional, and knowledgeable about what they do!! Very hygenic and explains everything beforehand.
Anita Smith
Anita Smith
Frankie is the best!
Ava Marie
Ava Marie
I was debating leaving this review for a while but I think I should. I went to Bella Piercing because it had so many positive reviews. When I went the shop was super cute, everything was easy and smooth until it came time to get pierced. I was getting my belly button pierced, and I quickly learned my piercer was training through her conversation with another girl. First of all, this is a permanent change on my body and I feel like I should’ve been made aware that this girl was training and had the option for someone else. I wasn’t really comfortable, especially as someone who barely has any piercings, getting pierced by someone who was training, especially someone who wasn’t acting confident at all. Her and the girl watching over her were making jokes basically about how she isn’t confident and wasn’t having a good day/kept messing up right in front of me. That made me much more nervous than I already was, because I felt like this girl didn’t really know what she was doing. I told her that I didn’t like when naval piercings were up super high on the belly button just to make sure I liked my placement and she said “we only do that if we have to, so if I have to I will”. That also didn’t make me feel super great about the situation. Well when I got pierced, she stopped midway through my belly button then pushed again; my friend watching confirmed this & said it looked like she was making sure it was aligned. I’m not a piercer but I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be one smooth motion. It was extremely painful and felt like it lasted forever. It’s been about 2 months and it’s healing very slow. After the fact I wasn’t really told anything about the aftercare and I had to start asking some questions. Hopefully this review helps the shop and no one will have a similar experience.
Kara Hammond
Kara Hammond
Jazzy pierced my daughter’s ears today, and she made it a great first experience for her. She was friendly, and very professional. She took extra care to ensure the piercing on the lobes were symmetrical; and I greatly appreciated that. If you’re looking for a place to take your kiddo, Bella piercing is it! The space and the piercing instruments were very clean, the staff was knowledgeable, and they’re definitely great with kids. :)
Callie Smith
Callie Smith
I had a great experience! My piercer was Jazzy she did a great job everything was quick and clean!

Weekly Specials

Discounts are applied to the piercing price. Jewelry and aftercare sold separately

  • Saturday

    Bring a friend and receive

    $15 OFF

    Bring a friend and receive $15 OFF (2 people max per appointment)

  • Friday

    Ear Lobe Piercings

    $15 OFF

    Ear Lobe Piercings - $15 OFF

  • Thursday

    Lobe Specials

    $15 OFF

    College Day - $15 OFF All College Students (Please Bring Your ID!)

  • Wednesday

    Special Kids Day

    $15 OFF

    $15 off Any Piercing or Package

  • Birthday


    $15 OFF

    (Schedule The Week Of Your Birthday For $15 Off Your Piercing!)