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Aftercare Instructions

Successful Aftercare Steps:

Clean your new body piercing twice daily MORNING and NIGHT with a Mixed NON IODIZED SALT Solution (included with all piercings). Piercing Gel and Saline Spray such as Steri-Wash are also available for purchase. Discharged matter that has dried on the jewelry may be easily removed with a warm moistened Q-Tip or cotton swab prior to cleaning.

Do NOT rotate jewelry -This will affect the healing time and does not allow the skin to heal – Do not touch unless cleaning. Rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide are NEVER recommended. Jewelry should NOT be removed during the healing process. Re-inserting jewelry, even in well-healed piercings, may prove to be difficult as rapid shrinkage often occurs immediately upon removal.

Occasionally check the tightness of threaded jewelry, ball, or gem. If jewelry is too tight, under pressure or looks swollen you might need a longer bar. Please give us a call if this is the case and we will exchange at no cost.

Normal Healing Phase Characteristics:

Redness – Tenderness – Swelling – Excretion of Blood Plasma

REMEMBER all piercings are an open wound and must be treated with care. If you are experiencing any issues with your piercing, please message us at or text at (614) 383-8837

We are always here to help!!! ***Serious infection should be examined by a physician immediately***

Approximate Healing Time:

Ear lobes: 4-6 weeks

Cartilage / Navel / Nipples: 4 months -1 year

Nose / Tragus: 2-3 months

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the procedure take?

The actual piercing will only take a few seconds! The majority of your appointment will be filling out paperwork, picking jewelry, and deciding the location of your piercing.

Does it hurt?

This is really dependent on your pain tolerance. Some piercing’s hurt more than others. We have numbing upon request.

How long will it take before my piercing is healed?
The healing time can be anywhere from 6 weeks to 12 months. Every piercing’s healing time is different depending on location. Please ask and we will be happy to let you know!

What type of metal is used with basic implant jewelry?

All of our basic implant jewelry is made with surgical stainless steel or Titanium.

What to expect after your piercing

  • Bruising, bleeding, discoloration, and/or swelling are common for new piercings. These are not indications of infection.
  • Some piercings have the tendency to have “Up’s and Down’s” during the healing process, appearing to be healed then regressing. Try to be patient and continue to follow your healing instructions for the initial recommended time.
  • After your piercing, you should be cleaning the treated area twice a day. We recommend Steri-Wash, an anti-septic spray intended for cleaning piercings.
  • Once healed your piercing may secrete a semi-solid white substance from the sebaceous glands called sebum. This is not a pus, but suggests a healed piercing.

Do’s & Don’ts


  • Do keep your jewelry in the entire time your piercer recommends. In most cases jewelry must be left in for 3 months, but sometimes later depending on the piercing.
  • Do make sure to wash your hands prior to contact with your healing piercing.
  • Do keep your piercing properly cleaned. If you take care of your piercing properly, your risk for infection is greatly decreased.
  • Do leave your piercing alone, unless you are cleaning it.


  • Do NOT wash your piercing more than twice a day. This will only prolong your healing process and irritate your piercing.
  • Do NOT use materials with fibers that can get caught in your piercing such as Q-tips, tissues, & cotton balls
  • Do NOT use unintended soaps, moisturizers, or make-up on OR around your pierced area.
  • Do NOT sleep on your piercing. This can cause irritation and in worse cases; migration and rejection of your piercing

Common Causes Of Irritation

Sleeping on your piercing can cause irritation bumps or more serious issues such as migration & rejection

Improper aftercare routine (Not following recommended aftercare)

Using improper cleaning products to clean your piercing

Dirty hands or saliva touching your piercing before its healed

Putting makeup, lotions, or moisturizers on your piercing